Xavier Pellicer (Barcelona, 1966) set out on his journey in the world of cookery by training under Juan Mari Arzak and put his craft into practice alongside the kitchen team of Jean-Jacques Simon, in the Tierra restaurant, in his town of birth. Simon gave him the opportunity to contact the charismatic French chef Jacques Maximin and he didn’t think twice: he packed his bag and went to Nice to work with him from 1988 to 1990 in his restaurants Le Théâtre and Le Diamant Rose, both with two Michelin stars.

The kitchen of Alain Dutournier’s Le Carré des Feuillants, with two Michelin stars, was his base for the next two years (1990 to 1992) until he returned to Catalonia, specifically to Sant Celoni in the province of Barcelona to work with the late Santi Santamaria, chef and owner of El Racó de Can Fabes, with three Michelin stars. He spent seven years of his life with Santamaria (1992 to 1999), who became one of the drivers of and inspirations for his personal and professional growth.
His next destination was, once again, Barcelona, where he earned two Michelin stars as chef in the Àbac restaurant. After a decade there (1999 to 2010), Pellicer returned to Can Fabes as partner and joint manager of the restaurant. There, six months after his return, he would experience the death of his friend Santi Santamaria in Singapore. His second period in Sant Celoni came to an end in 2013.

In 2015, he opened the Céleri restaurant in Barcelona, where he would achieve one Michelin star in 2017 with the Healthy Kitchen concept. Until the opening of his personal project, Xavier Pellicer had acted — and continues to act— as restaurant consultant to the Hotel Arima, in San Sebastian, helping to create the Misura restaurant on its premises.

In 2018 the restaurant received the We´re Smart Green Guide award for Best Vegetables Restaurant of the World.

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